Sporting Clay Shooting Gallery


Are you an experienced hunter looking to improve your skills during your downtime, or are you someone who is simply looking for a fun new hobby? Either way, Critter Path Sporting Clays has exactly what you are searching for right now. We offer the best clay target shooting in PA and would love to have you come out and work your way through one of our exhilarating courses.

Critter Path Sporting Clays has been providing those in the Northeast with skeet shooting in PA for more than 20 years now. When people come to visit us, they know that they can expect to be challenged on our courses. We offer half mile and one mile courses that feature between 9 and 16 stations. As you can see in the gallery here, these stations push people to do their best and help them sharpen their skeet shooting in the process. It’s a blast to spend a day shooting out on our course.

At Critter Path Sporting Clays, we are able to offer a wide range of terrains for our customers. From hills and valleys to open fields and woods, you will get to enjoy the great outdoors while clay target shooting in PA. Whether you’ve been skeet shooting hundreds of times in the past or are trying it out for the first time, you’ll have a great experience with Critter Path Sporting Clays and will want to come back again.

To find out more information about the skeet shooting courses available and the pricing at Critter Path Sporting Clays, reach out to us at 814-449-2715 today.