Clay Target Shooting in Erie, PA

Since first opening back in 1993, Critter Path Sporting Clays has helped thousands of clay target enthusiasts throughout Pennsylvania perfect their skeet shooting skills. When you come to do clay target shooting in Erie PA with us over our 650 acres, you will be treated to a course that features almost every type of terrain, including woods, hills, valleys, open fields, and more. Critter Path Sporting Clays is open year-round and serves experienced hunters, beginners, and everyone in between. For the more experienced hunters, we offer three 100 target courses, leagues and tournaments, both NSCA registered and non-registered.

At Critter Path Sporting Clays, you will do skeet shooting in Erie PA on a course that has been carefully crafted to challenge those of all skill levels. You can walk through our half mile course and practice on 9 stations or push yourself by taking an ATV or golf cart on our mile-long course that has 16 stations. Either way, you will find that each station will be different from the next and will push you outside of your comfort zone so that you can show steady improvement.

The courses at Critter Path Sporting Clays are always open to the public, but we also offer memberships to those who want to take their love for clay target shooting in Erie PA to the next level. You can come and visit us more frequently when you’re a member and get access to different benefits that will allow you to take advantage of our course. We also love to see all those who come to visit us in our clubhouse after a day of shooting. There’s nothing quite like swapping stories and sharing experiences about skeet shooting.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a fun new activity, give Critter Path Sporting Clays a call at 814-449-2715 today for more information on pricing.